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Lefora has passed a few milestones in 2010, including passing 100,000 hosted forums. Since our launch in 2008, we’ve been working hard to scale the Lefora platform to ensure that your forums and topics load quickly no matter how active they become.

As part of our strategy to continue growing the Lefora network, on Friday, July 23rd, we entered an agreement with CrowdGather, Inc. to acquire the Lefora platform and properties. There will be absolutely no changes to the Lefora platform nor it’s feature set. The transition has been seamless and we’ve put a lot of time & effort to make sure that no forums experienced any downtime.

To be clear, our pricing plans and our free service will stay the same. There are no plans to make any changes, Lefora is a great service and CrowdGather shares our vision in keeping it that way. The advantage is now Lefora joins an even larger network of thriving communities as we continue to grow. By combining forces, we ensure that we can offer the same level of value without increasing our costs.

You will continue to get the same level of service and support from CrowdGather and the existing Lefora team will be here to help continue carrying our mission forward – “to make forums easy”.

The entire Lefora team is excited about our future. We’ve been in close communication with the CrowdGather team since our launch in 2008 and we have an incredibly positive outlook for what the future holds.

Read more about our news on MarketWatch.

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