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Lefora 2.0 coming soon…

Lefora 2.0

The development team at Lefora has been hard at work for many weeks on an entirely new infrastructure, code named Aardvark.  Aardvark is like Lefora 2.0, it’s an entirely new code base, rewritten in the Python 2.6 programming language.

Over the next few weeks, we will be stress testing Lefora 2.0 on various forums before releasing it across the network.  We’ve already started an early beta period on one forum,  We’ll be upgrading our support forum soon.  We’ll continue to post updates about this release in our Support forum’s News & Announcements category.

As Lefora 2.0 is a full re-write of our current service, we haven’t added any new features (yet), our initial release will basically look no different then your current forum.  However, going forward it will allow for many improvements:

  • With a new optimized code base, the Lefora team can have more rapid development times and release cycles.  a.k.a., it’ll be easier for us to build and release new features onto your forum.
  • The new code base will improve our scalability, so that we can continue to grow at a rapid pace and still serve up forum pages quite quickly.
  • We’ll be able to offer more ‘core’ configuration options for your forum, such as a large library of themes for you to customize and edit.




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