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monkey steals the peaches

Today, we’re talking to Doctor Death, founder of Monkey Steals the Peaches, a fun forum that we’ll keep you laughing between videos, photos, and of course, the commentary.

Do you have 3 simple tips you could share with other forum admins in order to run a fun and active forum?
Sure thing! I would say the most important thing is to keep it lively. If your members go onto your site to see whats new and theres nothing new since the last time they were on… they are going to get bored with it very quickly.

Second, keep your posts short and to the point. If you go rambling on and on, your members are going to lose interest. People have short attention spans.

And Third… Keep it Fun and open-minded. Nobody want to be on a site where all the members are Die-hard subject-Nazi’s who cant see the other side of the coin.

What are some of the reasons you originally choose lefora over another forum service?  Was there any other software you ran a forum with in the past?
I searched through quite a few forum sites before I chose Lefora. Almost every one of them would say they were free, let you create a site and then want you to pay to use it. Not Lefora. Besides, Lefora had the best looking and most functional page layouts that I could find.

Yea, I tried a few of the ones I found online but I couldn’t even tell you the name of them now… Once I found Lefora, I never looked back.

If you could make improvements on Lefora, what would you like to see?
The only thing I would like to be able to do is to place Images in the middle of a post without using an outside image source like Photobucket. Using one of those deals for your images is a royal pain in the butt. I am pretty good with the Photoshop, and I love to post images. Being able to Drag & Drop images would be Awesome! And One of my members wants to be able to change his user name without losing all his post counts and links. Other than those small things, I would say that Lefora runs perfectly!

How did you go about first promoting your forum?
Word of Mouth… at first. Then through the Lefora Help page. Then I started going to other peoples forums and chatting with them. I use the “monkeystealsthepeaches.com” as my signature on my profile wherever I go. I am currently looking for more ways to promote… we always welcome more members at the monkey!

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?
Yea! I just wanted to add that Chief has really helped me out in to months that I have been at this and he and Chatham were the ones that helped me become a dot-com as well. My friends and I have had a ton of fun on the monkey and I feel like we are just getting started. Things here are awesome.

And just how awesome are you personally Doctor Death?
Well, as you know… I am Incredibly Awesome in every way possible. Being an Ex-Wrestler/Astronaught and Administrator of the Greatest Forum ever, I just don’t see how I could get much more Awesome than I already am. Just come to Monkeystealsthepeaches.com and you can revel in my Awesomeness too. See ya there Kiddies!

Author’s Comments: Thanks for that feedback Doc, we’ll be introducing a new posting editor soon that will make it easier to upload photos from your computer (though you can do it now, by clicking the ‘upload files’ button.


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