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Today, we’re talking to mattb4 from the SuSE Unbound Forum. Matt has been very active in our support forums, helping other forum admins and providing feedback.

Hi Matt, do you you have 3 simple tips you could offer for running an active forum?

  1. Find and enthuse folks that have a like philosophy. Their contributions will create the life necessary to have an active Forum.
  2. Be ready to inject into your Forum unflagging attention. Never leave someone to feel that no one is paying attention to their postings.
  3. Have fun yourself.

I noticed your forum was linked from the Wikipedia SuSE article. Do you know if that’s been a good source of traffic?
It has helped bring in some. All mentions through out the Internet will help others to find your Forum. Ultimately, Word of Mouth is the strongest advertisement.

How else have you been promoting your forum?
In the Linux World, Forums have been instrumental in helping people that are new, into learning and adopting a Linux Distro. Linux has created many groups of folks that share the idea of Open Source as well as perfecting their skills with using it. You tend to get to know through participation many savvy, smart, and clever people this way. So by accessing this group there is a source of potential members.

What are some of the reasons you originally choose lefora over another forum package?
It has potential and I feel the folks behind Lefora are dedicated to improving the experience and providing a high level of service not readily obtainable by some of the other Free Hosting services. Many features have been added in the relatively short time since I started suseunbound.com.

Anything else you would like to share?
For those contemplating starting a Forum, be not discouraged, keep adding fresh material. Understand that you need to be active and creative in making your Forum interesting. Also keep track of what might be going on at Lefora. Promote features to your users so they know what is available.

Most importantly, if you can get good people to help like I have with my 2 Admins: Deltaflyer and Feathermonkey (Who handled the css for the Forum) and Great Moderators: Bozo and Badgerfruit, who add many hours of their own time. Plus many regular members that find a place, you will be successful.

In conclusion; My Thanks to the good people at Lefora for providing the place to create my Forum.

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  1. 1 welan October 9, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    As a member of mattb’s forum I have to say that he’s done a great job as well as the others who helped. It really helps that mattb has a great dense of humor and can make light of even the most defeating of situations while providing help to the community.
    Kudo’s Mattb.

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