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Today, we’re talking to Huphtur from the Orange County Fixed Forum. Founded just 3 months ago, they have over 400 members and 8,000 posts. Orange County Fixed has helped us beta-test upcoming features and they are currently running our ‘new view’ which introduces flat topics and pagination.

Huph, what’s the topic or general theme of your forum? What are people talking about?
Orange County Fixed is a forum for the local fixie scene in Orange County, CA. We generally use the site to talk about bikes, meeting up for rides and all other nonsense that goes along with the so called “fixie scene”

Before you started your forum, I remember talking to you on support, you had a lot of great questions. What went into your decision for choosing lefora over another forum offering?
I’m Dutch and frugal and live by the rule: If it’s free, it’s me! But seriously, I didn’t want to deal with server maintainance and other scenarios that would take the fun out of running a forum. Plus the way you guys answered my questions, I knew you guys were legit.

Do you have 3 simple tips you could offer for running an active forum?
1. Let the users dictate the content, they are the ones using the forum.
2. See 1.
3. See 2.

How have you promoted you forum, and are you still continuing to promote or does it grow on it’s own?
Since it’s a forum for a local scene, the growth is 100% organic. Whenever an active member meets a new fixie rider on the street, he/she will always give a heads-up about orangecountyfixed.com. And I think some members are working on stickers and shirts. I’ll send ya one if they ever get made.

Have you faced any challenges with Lefora?

Before Orange County Fixed, most users were on a different forum, which runs on Vanilla platform. It’s nice, but it does certain things in a very peculiar way, so it took a while for users to ditch those habbits and really understand Lefora’s features. I set up a topic for this to make it easier for people.

What would you like to see on Orange County Fixed one year out?
Less drama! Orange County is really like that TV Show “The OC”. It’s crazy, but secretly fun. I’ve met some awesome people via the forum and been on some really cool rides.

Anything else you would like to comment on?
Thanks Lefora for giving us a platform to support the Orange County Fixie scene.


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