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Today, we’ll be interviewing peerless67, who runs one of the larger forums on lefora, ClubPokerForum. The topic of their community is online poker, with hundreds of members participating across tens of thousands of posts.

First off, do you you have 3 simple tips you could offer for running an active forum?


How did you go about first promoting your forum?
Adding the link to my profile on the sites I play poker (as it is a poker forum)

Do you still need to promote your forum, or does it grow on it’s own?
We still promote it but word gets out and many have joined through other members. In 4 months we have managed to sign up over 460 members.

What are some of the reasons you originally choose lefora over another forum package?
Honestly the forum was free and easy to set up and use.

Lefora strives to block spam on our forums. How have your experiences been with spammers on your forum?
We have had no problems that I am aware of.

Have you had problems with trolls or inappropriate members on your forum? If so, how did you manage their behavior?
We have had a couple of incidents, nothing major and simply deleted the offending material.

Anything else you would like to comment on?
Lefora has been great, the staff have always responded to questions promptly and have always been willing to help in anyway they can. Many new features have been added in the 4 months my forum has been running and if the improvements continue Lefora will be a world beater.

Vincent s (lefora) Comments:
peerless points out that advertising is the best way to keep a forum active. As he later stated, advertising can just include linking to your forum from your profile on other websites. It doesn’t have to be paid advertising. You can ask your members to link to your forum as well from other websites they participate in. Anything from other forums, to blogs, to social networks.

Later in the year, we’ll be introducing widgets that will allow your members to promote your forum for you.


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