Sharing a fascination with web forums

Russell Beattie put together a great piece about the value of forums and explores some of the behaviors on larger forums, such as

Russell talks of the importance at times of anonymous (guest) posts – like their low barrier to entry. The drawback are the spammers that take advantage of the system. That’s why we’re building out anti-spam support, similar to what exists on services like gmail and wordpress to keep the forum ‘doors’ open but block the spam with some tough bouncers.

Another interesting post of his, is the concept of ‘no spam or trolls‘ on twitter, thanks to the one-way friending functionality. This is close to something we’ll be building out around lefora as we’ll be adding support for ‘fans’ and ‘foes’ later this year. With the idea that posts from your foes will be collapsed automatically to help prevent the incited arguments by trolls. We hope to be able to extract community level ranking out of this as well (a person frequently marked as a foe or with many thumb down remarks.)


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  1. 1 Capri August 7, 2008 at 8:38 am

    If you’re going to change things to keep spammers at bay, if you are planning on using a captcha, please be sure to include an audio option, because visual captchas don’t just block out spammers, in fact, they don’t a lot of the time – they are 100% successful in blocking out the blind and visually impaired user though. Just something to keep in mind. -Capri

  2. 2 lefora August 7, 2008 at 10:50 am

    Thanks Capri, for that insight, we do consider visually impaired people on our site, trying to keep our mark-up and image tags computer/audio readable.

    Also, we don’t use captcha for spam protection, we’re using an intelligent algorithm that can catch spam automatically, and just gets smarter as more admins flag spam, it’s like gmail’s spam catcher.

    Thanks for voicing the concern.

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